The Indian youth is constantly on the move for their education, work or family. It is not prudent for them to invest in expensive furniture and are looking for viable alternatives. The furniture market in India is largely organized and the rental market even more so. We are looking to change that by offering a one stop platform for all furniture and equipment rental needs.
The Baby Furniture Market in India is growing at 50% CAGR, and is still virtually untapped because of the costs. With our ‘Grow With Us’ plan, parents can buy specialized furniture for their children at different ages without incurring large costs.
Medical Furniture Rental is a huge industry in itself and there are no organized services for providing medical furniture at rent for small duration.
Only one organized furniture renter is present in the market, focusing on residential furniture, with unimaginative designs and solutions.
It is widely accepted that 2016 will be the ‘Year of Furniture’ and we want to make sure that we are there with you to make the most of it and emerge as leaders in our chosen category.